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Tips To Use for Special Carpet Problems

Helpful Advice from a Carpet Cleaning Service

No matter how careful a person is, accidents will always happen. Should you burn your carpet, or stain and discolor it, most people would move a piece of furniture to hide this spot, then forget about it. However, here are a few tips from a professional carpet cleaning service you can use, following these easy methods to restore your carpet to its former glory.

Should the spot remover you use do more damage or alter the color of your carpet, try filling it by using artists’ acrylic paint. However, should this acrylic paint not work, try a felt-tip marker, or a permanent ink marker of the same color. Take your time and gently blend the color into the fibers.

For marks or indentations left by heavy furniture, try steaming. Use a steam iron close enough for steam to reach the carpet, but not that close as to burn the fibers, especially if they are synthetic. Lift the fibers by scraping them with the edge of a spoon, or coin.
Should your carpet thread become loose, cut it cut it to its normal level. Do not try to pull out the thread, you could risk unraveling parts of the carpet.

To fix large carpet burns, take out the damaged area, and substitute it with a patch of identical carpet, the same size and shape. To secure the new piece use either double-sided carpet tape, or latex adhesive.

To fix small burnt areas that are down to the carpet root, cut off the charred fibers, and put white glue in the section. Then carefully cut fibers from another piece of scrap carpet, or an inconspicuous part of the carpet. When the glue starts to dry, put the fibers into place. However, if the burn isn’t all the way down, just cut off the charred tips of the fibers. The slightly shorter length of a few carpet fibers will never be noticed.

If you follow these tips from an expert carpet cleaning service, you will get many more years out of your carpeting. This is excellent good news, especially given how much it costs to replace.

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