Welcome To Carpet Clean Solutions LLC!!
Welcome To Carpet Clean Solutions LLC!!
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The Benefits Of Using A Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Better health with our upholstery cleaning services

Many people are unaware of the dangers of not cleaning your favorite sofa, or chair. We, at Clean Carpet Solutions LLC, have been taking care of peoples health for over 5 years now in the Pembroke Pines, FL area.

Our upholstery cleaning serviceĀ has goneĀ from strength to strength, building our reputation for being reliable and professional.

Health problems can ariseĀ from dusty and dirty upholstery. People sufferingĀ from asthma, and other respiratory problems can be most affected. Getting our professionals out to regularly clean your upholstery can greatly reduce these problems.

Odors are another common reason why people use our upholstery cleaning service. As much as we love our beloved pets, their hair and paw-prints can make a mess of your upholstery, not to mention unwanted smells. Smokers also leave a lingering smell, which in time clings to the material, creating a pungent odor.

A tip for longer lasting, brighter colors in your fabric, is to regularly dust it. Dust over a period of time will settle deep into the material, making it look faded, and almost impossible to get out, without resorting to in-depth cleaning.

Stains and the like are harder to get out. The cause of the stain will determine the course of treatment we offer you. There is no upholstery cleaning service out there that can guarantee to remove every stain. But we at Clean Carpet Solutions LLC have never failed yet.

We are proud to say we hold the IICRC ā€“ Certified By The Institute Of Inspection Cleaning And Restoration Certificate.

We recommend that you get your upholstery cleaned every 12 ā€“ 24 months for optimal effect.

We strongly recommend that you do not wait until your upholstery is badly stained. Or dirty, before cleaning because, the worse the stain is, the less likely it will be to be able to restore the materials original color.

Regular cleaning of your upholstery by a trained professional can greatly help restore your furnitureā€™s appearance, keeping it fresh, and giving it a like new look. Also, our professionals will offer easy suggestions for the maintenance of your upholstery.

We also offer an after hours emergency floods/water restoration, and same day cleaning.

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